Kenny Pham

Los Angeles, CA


Front-end developer with UI/UX design background and 2+ years experience in React JS and JavaScript. Also felt in love with Python back-end. Passionate about digital and film photography; know how to develop negative films.

"Live ReactJS and breath Fuji 400h". - self-quoted

Work Experience

Med Mentor - Front-end Developer | June 2015 - Ongoing

Front-end developer responsible for the web application built in React JS and Django. Contributed to the design of the system architecture. Involved in all parts of the product lifecycle: idea generation, design, prototyping, planning, execution, and shipping. Created and managed the front-end stacks including ES6, React, Redux, and Webpack. Involved in creating and managing the back-end stacks including the use of Django Queryset and Django REST framework. Extensive exposure to version control using git.

Hana Research Lab, UC Irvine - Developer & Research Assistant | Jun 2015 - Mar 2016

Developer for the DocuViz 2.0 project at the Hana Research Lab. DocuViz 2.0 is a Google Chrome Extension that helps to visualize authors' contribution in a Google Docs document.

DocuViz is available for download on the Chrome Web Store.


University of California, Irvine - B.S. Informatics, Human-computer Interaction

Solid knowledge of UI/UX design principles. Trained to work in groups. Experience in human-computer interaction, usability testing, user-centered design, and prototyping.


ActivATE Dashboard - Dean's Award | Team Project

Front-end developer for the ActivATE Dashboard, a single-page web application for a software test system which runs on Windows. The ActivATE Dashboard communicates with the software over the local network using REST API. Then, it displays the information in real time.

Infinite Pay - Dean's Award | Team Project

Lead developer for Infinite Pay, a proof of concept of a self-checkout system. It was built for a company in a project course at UC Irvine. Infinite Pay aims to provide a better retail shopping experience for the consumer.