About me

Hello! I'm Kenny Pham. I enjoy working on things that I truly believe in and have my passion on. I will get my bachelor degree in Informatics - Human-Computer Interaction at UC Irvine in June 2016. I live and breath photography. I also love technology. I chose a degree in Human-Computer Interaction which focuses on UX and UI design because it can incorporate my artistic and geeky mind together. I'm working on a web application project that will be announced in late Q1 2016. It has been an amazing experience thus far working in a team building something from the ground up.

I build this blog in order to share things that I have learned while I'm doing my work. I hope that you find my blog useful. If you have questions about anything that related to Django and React. Please shoot me an email at kennykhoapham at gmail dot com and I'm happy to help you out.