I bought a new book: Cracking The Coding Interview

I decided to buy a new book named "Cracking The Coding Interview" to help me in the future for job interviews. Lately I have read some topics on Quora. There are a lot of people said even though the job's name is "Front-end developer", companies still require their candidates to have a good fundamental understanding of data structure and algorithm. Those are my weaknesses. I'm not going to complain because I believe a good front-end developer needs to have those skills in order to become better or competitive. I was lucky since I have been working on an algorithm to decipher a change-log on Google Docs then visualize it for the DocuViz 2.0 project at my university over the summer until now. I realized that data structure and algorithm are very important. They can change you in a good way.

Kenny Pham

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